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Toni Crowe is a thirty-year award-winning Vice-President of Operations. She worked for United Technologies, Rockwell and Honeywell, among others, ending her career at Ultra Electronics. Toni early retired to pursue her dream of becoming a best-selling author. She has published six books—two best sellers—with her seventh book “The Emotional Integrity Field Manual, Use Emotional Intelligence to Succeed in Any Occupation” due for Amazon release in February 2020.

Her business book, ‘Bullets, and Bosses Don’t Have Friends, Navigate Tough Challenges at Work,’ is an Amazon Bestseller and won the 2019 Readers Choice Gold Award for Non-fiction Occupational. The book offers a fascinating collection of the provocative challenges in Toni’s career and invites the reader to take part in learning adventures via exercises at the end of each chapter.

As a speaker, writer and business coach, Toni offers practical, real-world solutions to tough life and leadership problems using her Emotional Integrity framework. She has showed that it is possible to speed up success in the work world by meeting the organizational objectives and considering the needs of the associates.

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1. Use Emotional Intelligence to Succeed in Any Industry

2. Win That Promotion with Mature Emotional Intelligence

3. Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Working with Difficult People

4. Control Your Emotions to Guarantee Your Success

5. Improve Your Relationships With Your Boss and Peers With Emotional Intelligence

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