Twenty-Four Practical Travel Hacks to Keep Casual Travelers Sane

Image by Irina Logra from Pixabay

The travel hacks will make your adventure less stressful by keeping the most dramatic problems away from you.

Traveling is always an experience. It is easy to lose your cool when something unforetold happens. Taking the simple actions below will keep you sane.

  1. Knock on your room door. Twice, I have been put into rooms that already had someone in them. Knocking on the door prevented me from entering their room unannounced.

2. In places with questionable water, wash your private’s with bottled water, especially women. There is no telling what is in the water… you don’t want that in you.

3. Keep dirty clothes together in one place. Once dirty and clean clothes get mixed together, every piece smells dirty.

4. Carry your passport on you at all times, not in your purse or backpack.

5. Keep copies of your passport and drivers’ license in the room safe.

6. Use packing cubes for your clothing. When airport security searches your things, the security guards won’t toss your dirty underwear in the air for all to see.

7. Don’t use the stairs, no matter how well lit. Stairs are a prime opportunity for all kinds of shenanigans. Adults smoke, teenagers drink, kids play, and robbers rob on the stairs.

8. Know the different routes to and from your room.

9. Lock the safety lock/latches when you are in the room.

10. Keep your room key in the same place every day. I prefer next to the television. Have everyone in your room do the same.

11. Be kind to the hotel staff, even if they are rude to you. This kindness has paid off for me many times.

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12. Set your alarms even if you use wake-up calls. Today’s cell phones have excellent alarms. If you miss a flight, everyone will feel sorry for you but they will not reimburse you for your flight.

13. Keep your non-favorable opinions to yourself. It is against the law to negatively discuss rulers in some countries.

14. Be broke. No cash flashing or bragging about how rich you are or how poor the local people are.

15. Leave a tip for the maids.

16. Have a card with the hotel address when you go out.

17. If you don’t want it stolen, don’t put it in exterior pockets.

18. Know how much things cost before you shop.

19. Don’t hang your bags on chairs behind or next to you.

20. Be the person one with the Alka Seltzer, aspirin, Morin, Imodium, lip balm, etc. You’ll need it.

21. Double-check for your electronics whenever you leave the room.

22. Search the room for your things after your bags are packed, but before you check out.

23. Know where your money is at all times.

24. Never travel with more luggage than you can move by yourself.

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