Traveling on a Diet is Frustrating (Stuck: Part 8)

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123 pounds Lost, Counting Down the Last 15 Pounds

I flew to Texas for a doctor’s appointment. My surgery doctor examined me and took multiple x-rays. It has been a year since my back surgery. After multiple X-rays and an exam, the doctor released me to exercise with no restrictions.

I’ll step on the scale tomorrow morning to see how I’ve done while traveling. I am not looking forward to it. I’m anxious.

I stayed under my carbohydrate limit, made my protein goals and missed my fat requirement each day. My aim was to stay within two pounds of my pre-travel weight. Since I gain weight quickly and lose weight slowly, I took control while on the road eating the best Keto food choices available.

Staying within two pounds would keep me on the weight plateau. I’m taking action.

With permission to exercise, a shiny new YMCA membership, and gym shoes, I’m ready to head to the Y this Friday. It will be the first time in three years I’ll be working up a sweat. I have an appointment with a personal trainer on April 16th to build the strength of my back and arms.

A few hundred calories a day won’t make me lose fifth-teen pounds, but routine forceful movement should affect my metabolism enough to push me off the plateau.

The excuses are gone — time to work.

Tomorrow is another day.


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