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Best Selling Author

Of "The $7 Series"

Toni Crowe

About the Writer

Amazon Best Selling Author

Of "The $7 Series"

Toni Crowe is an award winning and accomplished executive with 30 years of experience as a CEO/President, Vice-President, Director, Engineer, and Manager across multiple sectors including high tech, consumer and nuclear sensors, Aerospace, film production and glass. She has extensive experience in P&L, Manufacturing, Operations Management, and Lean.  She has participated in several mergers and acquisitions.

Toni graduated from the University of Illinois (Chicago) with an Engineering degree. TC obtained her Masters Degree in Organizational Management, became a Professional Engineer in WI, and a Certified Professional Manager. She was inducted into the New York YWCA Academy of Women Leaders. Later, Toni learned Lean Manufacturing at a Fortune 50 company, including intense productivity training in Japan.

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