The Body Care Double Tap

I’m washing with both deodorant soap and body wash. Am I the only one doing this? I ask because I’m worried: I might be weird.

When I take a shower, I double tap: deodorant soap and body wash, just to be sure.

Standing in the shower this morning, I realized I was cleaning me twice.

First, I washed my entire body with Dial soap. Then I washed again with the silky-smooth body wash.

I did this because I don’t trust that the delicious-feeling body wash can scrub the sweat off me when I’m grubby. I like to work out hard. When I sweat, I sweat like Tina Turner at the end of a ninety-minute show.

If women glow instead of sweat, then when I’m sweating, excuse me, glowing, you can see me from space.

I have never allowed my propensity to sweat to stop me from doing anything I wanted; instead I take a lot of showers.

When body wash hit the scene, I loved the lotion feel of the expensive fruity-smelling wash. I love the way my skin feels after using the stuff. But I did not trust it to scrub me clean and wash the sweaty girl smell off me.

I’m still double washing every morning. Am I overdoing it? I don’t know.

Dare I stop the deodorant soap? Nah, I will keep washing everywhere twice.

I will keep the double-tap in place for now.

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