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123 Pounds Lost. Counting Down the last 15 Pounds. (Part 12)

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The last fifteen pounds have finally turned into the last ten pounds.

I have been in a massive up and down struggle to lose the last fifteen pounds since March. It is now July. In all this time, from March to July, I have lost five pounds.

I can report this because I have been sitting at 170 for two weeks, meaning I have come down the five pounds.

I still have ten more pounds to go to meet my final goal of 160 set five years ago. Now I have lost one hundred and twenty-eight pounds with ten pounds to go.

I’m still losing weight slowly. I bounce around but never higher than 171.

If I take as long to lose the remaining ten pounds as it did to lose this five, I will still be writing about this process in March 2020, a full year after I started.

I am going on maintenance for the next six weeks. I need a break but, trust me, my weight is not going up. Nope, it is not. Daily weigh-ins are my friend.

After a break, I will start this process again. When I restart, I will post.

Oh, well. No one promised me a rose garden.

Tomorrow is another day.


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