Sex with New People

Our love life was already good but after dieting… it has gone ballistic.

My spouse and I are following the Keto Diet. After five weeks, he has lost seventeen pounds, and I have lost eight.

The Keto diet uses low carb and high protein food to force your body to burn fat for energy. The burned fat comes from the last places your body deposited fat. It is a last in, first out (LIFO) system. While I don’t know the science behind that, I know that the contours and edges of our shrinking bodies are changing.

We first noticed the changes three weeks into the diet. Sex felt different. A divot appeared in my large husband’s belly. His belly was less round. My belly was also less round. My hips were sharper. These two developments meant we fit together better during intimacy. We were both very pleased.

Five weeks into the diet, my spouses face changed. His cheekbones are poking through as are his hipbones. During sex, I can reach around him to gently stroke his shoulders and back while we are intimate. And he can reach around me to do the same.

We have more stamina. He can hold himself above me for a longer period while I can ride that pony longer. We can hardly wait to go to bed these days. Our fun intensified. We are having sex with new people (who are us).

The anticipation of what newness we will find with each passing diet day is thrilling. Some nights we cuddle, stroke our new bodies, then go to sleep. The spiritual intimacy of these stroking sessions is as renewing as physical intimacy.

There is no doubt we will meet our goals on this new diet. The diet motivates us, in more ways than one. It is great for our health; we are losing weight. It turns out weight loss is also excellent for our relationship.

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