Reporting Mom To The Police Was A Bad Idea

Image Source-Pixabay

My brother must have gone insane. My mom was not to be played with.

Our mother was old school. She had six mischievous children who required direction.

When television commentators discussed how parents couldn’t whip their children, one of my brothers lost his mind. He told my mom that if she whipped him again, he would call the police.

She told him to get ready to make the call. Not only would she beat his butt for jumping out the second-floor window, but he would get “it” for being stupid enough to threaten her.

She said she would go to jail for the pleasure of beating his butt. Ma stated she would proudly wear that orange jumpsuit like it was a pair of smoking hot pants.

She whipped his butt. I’m certain he saw stars around his head after that one.

When she was done, she told him he couldn’t leave the house and… he couldn’t use her phone.

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