Procrastination Countermeasures: 5 Secrets to Writing Everyday


Writing every day is an unrelenting daily routine that is not easily established or maintained.

I write each day at 9 a.m. Daily writing is essential to my success as a writer. Procrastination can sneak into a daily routine and cause mayhem. I take countermeasures to increase the likelihood of writing each day.

They are:

*have a morning routine

*know what you intend to write

*have realistic expectations

*life happens, have a backup plan

*enjoy improving your writing and ideas

Have a Morning Routine

I wake up between 7:00 and 7:30 each morning. I hit the bathroom to put drops in my eyes, take my medication and make my morning toilet visit.

I walk downstairs and craft two cups of coffee, one for me and one for my husband. I grab a bowl of fruit to which I add heavy cream and sweetener. As I head back upstairs, I sip my coffee. After I finish my coffee and fruit, I brush my teeth because coffee will turn my teeth brown. Then I take my morning vitamin. After my vitamin, I head to my desk to write. This routine serves me well.

My cat is waiting for me by my desk. The cat behaves as if he is not waiting for me, but the “fur ball” appears on my desk every morning at the same time. In that way, I join the cat at the desk; he does not join me. The cat purrs as I set my coffee down on the cup warmer. About 8:58, I sit down at the computer and write.

Know What You Intend to Write

As I ended my writing the day before, I determined what I wanted to write the next day. I follow my recommendations eighty percent of the time. There are choices. I have a blog; I am submitting articles, and I am starting a second six-book series.

No matter what I am working on, I start most mornings with a blank screen. I look at my notes for no more than ten minutes. I raise my head, lift my hands and I begin the process. The Scrivener icon blinks at me with alarming rapidity.

There are days when I don’t want to write. I want to watch the news on TV or stare at duck floating in the lake outside my window. On the days when I am a reluctant writer, I use a timer to force the issue. Inspiration comes because it must. I insist. I won’t move from in front of that computer until I have written for at least one hour.

Have Realistic Expectations

I once had a day where I jumped-up from the computer in frustration. I was not capturing the emotion of the story that had so excited me the night before. No matter what I wrote, it was inadequate. I stopped and went for a long walk. I did not write again that day.

The next day I felt silly about how involved I become with the idea and emotion of the story. I have not behaved that childish way again, even on tough days.

Life Happens, Have a Plan “B”

There are days when life interferes with my writing. One of my beloved cats was sick and had to be taken to the vet. His appointment was at 9 a.m. There was no morning writing that day.

On the days when I can’t write in the morning, I write before heading to bed. After dinner, I go upstairs to my desk. I set the timer. I put the “writing muscle” to work.

Enjoy Improving Your Writing

The successful execution of the objective to write daily has made me a stronger writer. Each day I write counts as a victory.

By writing daily, I have identified my weaknesses and am addressing them. I have eliminated a few bad syntax habits by correcting them repeatedly in my daily writing. I don’t make those mistakes anymore. Like most writers, I enjoy finding a weakness and eliminating it.

The second benefit is that ideas are lined up like soldiers. Knowing I’m writing every day allows me the freedom to capture every idea no matter how mundane it seems. I have a stack of ideas, books and short stories waiting for me to write them.

I take vitamins every day although I can’t see any obvious effects. I can’t sense that vitamins make me healthier. But I know from science based on others experience that taking vitamins daily has a positive impact on my body. Writing every day is like taking vitamins, you must have faith in the experience of others.


I’m certain that writing every day is improving my writing. There are definite improvements, but I cannot scientifically prove daily writing is making the difference. Procrastination is no longer a show stopper because nothing hones my writing skills like daily writing.

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