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She should have been a $7 wh*re, but she became a "C"-Suite Executive

New Book release on Amazon on August 08 details the start of the journey of a woman from probable prostitution to VP of Operations of multiple Fortune 50 companies.\

Austin, Texas—July 30, 2018 “NEVER A $7 Wh*re”. My Journey from a Lady of the Night to the Lady of the Boardroom” is the debut book by Toni Crowe. Live on Amazon on August 05, launching on August 8th. The book is the first of three about Ms. Crowe’s life.  This first book, “NEVER A $7 Wh*re” details Ms. Crowe’s escape from the pimp she ran off with at the age of 18.  The second book will detail Ms. Crowe’s corporate challenges as she rose through the ranks and the third her college experience.

Per Ms. Crowe, “I wrote this book to present myself as an example that anyone can overcome their circumstances. Currently, with so much discussion about the income gap, and how hard it is to permanently escape poverty, I felt the need to put myself out there. This is not a part of my life that I am proud of, however, look where I ended up.  There is no such thing as an escape-proof trap. Destiny can be shaped. Working hard is not enough. Many hard-working people remain in undesirable circumstances. To change your fate, you must seize opportunities when they present themselves. Recognizing and exploiting opportunities offer the best chance to change one’s circumstances and future.”

Toni Crowe graduated from the University of Illinois (Chicago) with an Engineering degree. TC obtained her Masters Degree in Organizational Management, became a Professional Engineer in WI, and a Certified Professional Manager. She learned Lean Manufacturing at a Fortune 50 company, including intense productivity training in Japan. She was selected as a member of the New York City YWCA Academy of Women Leaders. Later, Toni became a Certified Design for Six Sigma Green Belt and a Six Sigma Leadership Black Belt.

For more information on Ms. Crowe, please visit her website: or read her blog Toni Crowe, The Writer.


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