My Resting Bitch Face Was Ugly Yesterday (Stuck: Part 5)

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My resting bitch face was ugly yesterday.

After gaining 1.3 pounds because of bad eating decisions, I was disappointed and angry. My weight was affecting my overall interaction with the world.

I’m a positive person. I don’t let negative voices into my head. The negative voices were shouting yesterday. To have lost progress due to bad decision making (eating garlic fries) would not stop bothering me. Painful knots were across my shoulders and in my lower back. I was one grumpy hurting person.

I gain quickly and lose very slowly. My spouse and I once went on a 7-day cruise. I returned 14 pounds heavier. Let’s not talk about that.

My body should show a down tomorrow or Thursday. This was a much better weigh-in today than yesterday, but I’m still on the same plateau.

Today my weight is 176.7 lbs, which is an up of 0.2 lbs.

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About 1 PM, I recognized that I needed to do something. My vibe was destructive. The energy around me was negative. I was not making the world a better place. I acted.

I drew myself a steaming hot bath. I added Epson salt and lavender to spice up the water.

I cleaned the master bath cat litter box and added new litter (this confused my cats since normal clean-up is upon going to bed and rising).

Lit my citrus basil candle

Took the scale out of the room (truth teller, traitor)

Found my fluffiest towels

Plugged in my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro in my office

Closed the bathroom door; banning my husband and the cats

Sat in quiet for 2 minutes

Told Alexa to play Adele “25”

I got in the steaming bath water. Leaned back until only my head was sticking out.

Told Alexa play Adele to sing me the “cry in my beer” blues.

I took ten deep breaths. Leaned back and listened to a song. Took ten more. The negative vibe was blown out with every breath.

I stayed in the bath until the negative inner voices stopped. I let the water out of the tub and sat there until the water ran out.

Got out.

Dried myself with the fluffy towel.

My day returned to normal.

I still have not joined a gym.

Tomorrow is another day.


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