Mind And Body Games


I find myself in love

With a man just like me

Driven, hungry, unhappy

Knowledge seeker, secret keeper

Lover of information, technology wizard

Need for answers burning on his skin

I can think as fast as he can

I know as much as he does

What should I give him for Valentine’s Day?

I amaze him with my mind, my knowledge

Saving my body for later

Using my mind to entice, engulf, entangle, enjoy

I want to sink my teeth into his brain

His mind is so sexy

I need to suck on all that he knows

While keeping my knowledge to myself

My secrets are mine; his secrets should be mine too

What can I give him for Valentine’s day?

I have something for him

Sit by me

Watch me work my magic

Nimble fingers, stunning results

The laptop screen shows you my power

My sharpness, my crispness, my knowledge

You want it. I’m a Wizard

I got what you need

What will I give him for Valentine’s Day?

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