I’ve Lost Zero Pounds in the Last 21 Days on the Keto Diet (Stuck: Part 6)

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123 Pounds Lost, Counting Down the Last 15 Pounds (Part 6)

I’m on the Keto Diet. I made a bad food decision on Sunday, March 31st. I was on a weight loss plateau and tired of dieting. My weight started floating slowly upward. I expected to pay for my decision, but this punishment is ridiculous.

On March 14 and on April 04, nineteen days later, I weigh the same. I have lost ZERO.

ZERO weight loss is bulls*it.

Here are snapshots of my weight loss charts from March 14 and April 04.

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I dream of piles of garlic mashed potatoes, soft potato bun hamburgers with everything on them and McDonald French fries. The hot fried chicken I ignored. The sugar-laden delicious fresh lemonade I did not drink. And the tall sexy piece of New York style strawberry cheesecake I watched a stranger eating with glee. This food haunts my nights.

I am pissed off at this body.

Today I joined the Suncoast YMCA. I have a meeting with a personal trainer in two weeks. In the meantime, I’ll walk on the treadmill.

I’m headed out to purchase gym shoes and sweat pants.

I’ll be damned if I will stop now. I’ll show you; I mean me what’s up.

Tomorrow is another day.



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