Introducing NO AIR: A New Publication

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Growing up, I wrote all the time, however, per my mom and dad, I needed a profession that could financially support myself and my family, so I became an engineer and corporate manager.

I worked in corporate American for years and years, writing memos, budgets, project reports and productivity documents. I did not write a single word that was not related to my job.

I started writing, again and a sense of freedom and joy overcame me. It has remained. This publication is for the writer who needs to write the way they need to breathe air.

Now that I started writing, I can’t stop.

Our focus is quality writing. We especially like Leadership, Family, Weight Loss, Relationships and This Happened To Me articles but any and all subjects are considered.

To submit, email me: include “ NO AIR SUBMITTAL” as part of your subject line.

If you have not heard from us in 48 hours, your article has not been accepted. We are new so our audience is small, but you have got to start somewhere.

If you like our stories, give us a follow. A few claps wouldn’t hurt either.


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