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I’m tired of all the “I’m not doing Christmas and my family is thrilled” BS.

Can you keep it to yourself? Everyone celebrates in their own way, but the-no celebration makes me feel sad.

I’m trying not to judge but it is hard. I have seen the final results of the no celebration path.

I don’t want your ten-paragraph share of you sending your family off to visit grandma while you stay home and hang out with the dog.

Don’t tell me your story of how you worked hard for many years to make the perfect Christmas, but you didn’t do it this year, and everyone is fine. Really? You believe that, huh? Ok.

Making no effort to put up the tree, or lights or decorations appears to be your new norm. Must feel good to know that you won’t have to take them down since you didn’t put them up.

Keep your stories of not seeing your mother (who loves Christmas) on Christmas Day. You think she understands. Psst: she doesn’t.

Your daughter, son, and husband went on a Christmas vacation somewhere warm, but you didn’t feel like it. Oh, well. Who needs those nasty Christmas family memories, anyway?

What? You’re too tired to travel to your beach house in the islands with family. I understand. If I had a beach house, I would not want to spend any time there with my loved ones, either.

And yes, as soon as I recognized your theme, I stopped reading and moved on. I’m grateful for those of you that make the headline clear, so I won’t even click. Thank you so much.

I note that many of these stories discuss how much trouble it is putting up all those decorations. Hell, on earth.

Please, please, please give away all that Christmas stuff to charity this year so someone else can enjoy it next year. So many people who have nothing that would love all those used Christmas items sitting in your basement, attic, or garage.

Then next year you can entertain us with the: I don’t even have decorations to put up story.

I don’t understand the glee with which (some of) these stories are written; you sit around on Christmas Day by yourself; no tree, no people, maybe some cookies and wine.

I see you grinning to yourself thinking about how cool it is to be alone and able to do whatever you want all day.

The cancel idea makes me melancholy because if my family were to cancel Christmas, I would pretend it was fine while being wounded inside. It is Christmas… what else could I say but ‘yes’ despite whatever disappointment I experienced.

Enjoy your day.

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