If I Had A Dollar for Every Time Someone Encouraged Me to Be A Writer, I Would Still Need A Dollar


Writers must choose their path. Writing is the path less traveled.

Writers must need to write enough to overcome the inertia that stops people from writing. Studies show that eighty percent of adults believe they have a book inside them yet less than one percent of the group ever write that book.

I could have chosen a writing career several times. I did not.

When I was in high school, the guidance counselor steered me toward Engineering because I was good at math. I did not protest but filled out the applications to the best Engineering schools; knowing I wanted to write books. I could not let my parents down.

When I returned to college, after some misadventures, I continued down that Engineering path. I still wanted to be a writer and publish a book. I wouldn’t take the chance I would disappoint my kids and spouse.

While working in corporate America, I never gave in to my hidden passion. My career writing comprised emails, memos and reports. People depended on me to do well.

Thinking back, I remember no one ever encouraging me to write as an adult. I do not consider writing a practical profession. Writing is an art.

To write, I had to choose myself. I had to admit to myself what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Taking the step to become a full-time writer was enlightening and empowering. It felt scary and good and free.

A good friend of mine wanted to be a photographer. Like me, life sent her down the practical path. She was a rocket scientist working for Jet Propulsion Laboratories; married her job. She died without ever doing what she loved.

Her death showed me that the person who needs to step up and encourage me was me. The person that needed to tell me I would be a successful writer was me.

Writing is a tough gig. Writers must choose their path.

I have taken that path and I love my life.

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