I Taste Good, Do You Want to Know Why?

Good Kisser

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When I was dating, I was told that I tasted nice when kissed.

Recently, I watched a young woman eat dinner with her date. Then I watched as she and her date shared a kiss as their car was being fetched from the valet.

The man’s face did not reflect that of a person impressed by that kiss. I think his nose wrinkled.

Let me share one secret of being a great kisser.

After a second/third date with someone I liked, I expected to be kissed.

At the end of the meal, after we completed eating and drinking, right before we left, I would step into the ladies’ room.

In the ladies’ room, I would prep for my kiss by… rising my mouth out with tap water at least three times.

“Appreciate the moment of a first kiss, it may be the last time you own your heart.”

— Robert M. Drake

After I rinsed out the food particles out of my mouth, I would step into a stall and use a toothpick remove food stuck between my teeth.

Once I left the stall, I would rinse my mouth again.

By the time we exited the venue and got to my place, the only thing that could be tasted in my mouth was me.

No mints, no gum, no spray, no peppermint, no mouthwash.

Just me and the natural flavor of a mouth ready to go to work.


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