Grammarly Has Checked 1,478,964 Words for Me in the Last Seven Months and Provided Feedback on…

Per Grammarly data, I’m a not too bad writer on a 24-week writing streak.

Grammarly is proofreading software. Grammarly identifies grammar, style and other errors in writing, providing the opportunity to accept or reject the recommendations. Grammarly tracks your writing productivity.

Using Grammarly’s metrics, I’m on a streak. Per the data, I have used Grammarly at least once a week for twenty-four consecutive weeks. My next goal is twenty-six weeks of consecutive daily writing.

The writing program is tracking: how productive I am compared to others using Grammarly, word usage, my word uniqueness, my weekly word count (16,429) and my consecutive weeks of using the program (twenty-four). Below are the screen grabs with those.

From the Author’s Grammarly report

And the program tracks my top three mistakes.

From the Author’s Grammarly report

As a self-published writer, I need all the editing help I can get. Any writer can use Grammarly to improve their writing by setting their goals and tracking their progress.

Being writers, we don’t have many facts-based metrics to determine how we are doing. Use Grammarly to set goals to improve your writing. It’s magic. Your writing will improve if you use the metrics to make changes.


From the Author’s Grammarly report

Grammarly is a potent item in a writer’s toolbox. Use it.

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