Google Me! I Own the First 3 Pages

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How Did I Do That?

If you search for Toni Crowe on Google, on the first and second page I’m dominant — the occupant of eighty-five percent of the Google information that shows up.

How many Toni Crowe’s are there? As of March 2019, when you search for Toni Crowe (TC) on Google, there are one thousand two hundred and sixty-seven (1,267) TC’s found during a Google search. But I am the Toni Crowe that is up front.

The first key to my success was branding. I named my website My twitter account and my blog are the same monikers.

I have written six books and numerous articles in various publications. I manage a blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. I’m on Google Plus and Mixer. I write on Medium for myself and publications. I post on Triberr; I’m on Podcasts.

But not all Social Media helps with Google page placement. In priority order, below are the three activities that have let me control the first two pages of the “Toni Crowe” Google search.

1. Website

I thought hard about what I wanted to achieve with my website. My primary purpose is to spread my ideas by getting people to read my books.

My blog, media kit, contact page, landing pages and the contact page are tied to my website. When I contact my email list, their responses return to my website. Any traffic to my website affects the Google search engines.

2. Press Releases for My Books

My six non-fiction memoirs cover everything from my crazy teenage years to my corporate Vice President career. Each book gets its own press release. More releases comprise groups of books I run on promotion. Each press release goes out into the digital web and stays there forever. My goal is one press release every two months.

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3. Podcasts

When I am on a podcast, I direct the listeners toward my website.

My goal is to be on two podcasts a month. One related solely to writing the other to my other skills and talents.

Each podcast will show up at least three times on the worldwide web. Once on the podcast’s site, once on my website and once on my blog. Those podcasts provide me with six digital mentions per month driving traffic to my website.


Some writers want their ideas out in the world being discussed and being evaluated. Some writers aim to make a bunch of money. Every writer wants people talking about their writing.

Marketing your book and getting your ideas out for people to consider. If you are considering self-publishing, it’s time to think about how you will distinguish yourself from all the other “YOU’s” on the internet.

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