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He could attempt one more pass — one more time to get it right.

The human body could take ten temporal travels. He had used nine of his ten. Time is highly resistant to change. Just 0.00001% of people can make a change that affects their lives.

He wanted Jill to marry him, but if she walked with him, she died. Every single time, she died. She came tumbling down.

Ok, he would stop now. He would not use his last trip; she was not going to be his. The hilltop proposal would never happen.

Tears filled Jack’s eyes as he stepped back and slowly turned away from the portal. He started to sob. What good was a crown if he ruled without love?


Jill stepped away from her portal. Damn, but that was close. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life with that jackass: Jack. He couldn’t even figure out how to not fall down a hill. Duh.

She smiled and walked away from the time machine humming. She was finally free.


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