Daily Writing Is No Joke…Once You Stop, Restarting Is A Bitch

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Daily Writing Is No Joke…Once You Stop, Restarting Is A Bitch

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This month, I broke a 31-week daily writing streak. I felt just like a writer while getting my Hemmingway on every day.

Since I write early, the completion of my minimum writing task for the day, started me on off on the good foot.

I wrote on vacation. I wrote every day while traveling; while visiting friends, and even when sick. Words got on the page every day. Until recently.

I did not write for two weeks while I was unpacking the moving storage pods from my recent relocation from Austin to Tampa.

I pretended that all was well in my writing world. My blog was fine since I always a few unpublished blogs to use.

My word count was in the crapper. Grammarly sent my weekly metrics. Damn, they were bad.

My writing streak metric went from 31 weeks to 0. I was not writing. After much effort, today’s metrics show a three-week streak. It has not been easy to focus on daily writing.

Why did I trip up?

I was unpacking the contents of my storage pods from Austin. Since I am a hoarder, it took all my self-control to not bring every box into the house and be done with it. My home would be one giant cluster-f but my eccentric tendencies would be thrilled.

Instead, I brought in one to three boxes at a time — — no new boxes allowed until the boxes until items already in the house were fully disposed of, i.e. everything in its place or given away or thrown away.

It was a mistake to stop writing daily. I lost my groove.

I am making myself sit down every day and write at a scheduled time with a timer and a required word count.

Trying to be a consistent writer is no joke. Each of us must face the fact that life happens organically, writing does not. It takes effort and planning to be successful.

Once daily writing is off-track, it takes determination to get it back on track.

Making the effort to create each and every day takes willpower and desire. The strength to write takes willpower; the burning need to write is desire.

What is still wrong? I have one more storage area to unpack. My hoarders’ tendencies are fighting for their life against my need to write. It is not pretty.

Instead of writing, I want to contemplate what is in that last storage area and how should I process it. It is hard AF to concentrate.

My Grammarly stats helped me focus. I’m back but I’m toddling. I’m getting better every day. Next week, I will increase my scheduled writing time by fifteen minutes and my word count goal by two hundred and fifty words.

I will complete a four-week streak next week; only twenty-seven weeks to go to match my best efforts.

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Never stop striving to put consistency in your writing habits. Everyone stumbles. Write every day. I am.


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