Buck-Naked Parenting

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I was buck-naked. Mom insisted that I stand naked on the back porch, crying and shivering until she let me back into her house. She wanted to show me who was in charge.

Our problem was that I was just like Mom.

I was an arrogant smart-mouthed know it all fifteen-year-old girl who cared only about myself. I told myself that I would never, ever behave that way with my kids.

Many years later, I’m dealing with my arrogant know it all smart-mouthed sixteen-year-old boy. He was telling me how he deserved some ridiculously expensive gym shoes that would explode the family budget.

Our problem was that he was just like Mom.

“ Make him take off everything you brought him and stand on the patio, naked. That will show him who is in charge,” the devil on my shoulder said. I reminded myself that I would never, ever behave that way with my kids.

I did not put him out on the porch naked. Instead, I let him finish talking. I calmly asked him to consider how it would affect our family if we brought those expensive shoes he did not need.

His snide I only care about me response made me pull his ear and send him to his room.

I should have put him out on the patio buck-naked.

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