12 Days Of Christmas-Books To Give As Gifts (Day 8)

 ******How You Can Find Home When You Have Lost Your Way By Janis Cox

Have you had a time where you made a hasty decision?

Have you ever made financial decisions that were not good ones?

Do you listen to God on a daily basis?

We want our children to have a strong purposeful faith. We want them to trust and believe in God. We want to instil in them good values and faith disciplines.

The Kingdom of Thrim is packed full of valuable lessons – from money, to listening to God, to being creative and using your God-given gifts – to being content with what you have.

Created for ages 6 and up, The Kingdom of Thrim brings colour and excitement to a child’s life through vivid watercolour illustrations. The lessons learned are life lessons as one adult reader said:

“I needed this book. If you feel like you’ve lost your gift or wandered too far from home and aren’t sure if you can find your way back, you need it too.” Jeff Goins

Other happy readers have said,

“This is a delightful children’s book with a strong Biblical message. I loved the soft tone of the illustrations. It would make a wonderful story-book for those bedtime moments that are so important for bonding and teaching.” – Marcia Laycock

“Janis Cox is a beautiful storyteller and lovely illustrator and does an excellent job of presenting a story for both kids and adults that speaks to the very heart, no matter what age you may be. Highly recommended.” – Sally Meadows

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To get a copy:

Canadian Amazon

US Amazon

Available in paperback or Kindle

Both of Janis’ books have children’s activities and research ideas in the back.

Alternately you can contact me and I will send you one.

Email Janis Cox.

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