Wow! I Wish I Had That Ass

Unusual Beauty

Source: The Author

“I like big butts and I cannot lie
 You other brothers can’t deny
 That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
 And a round thing in your face
 You get sprung.” — Sir Mix-A-Lot

My spouse and I were sitting around, people watching when the butt I have always wanted all my life walked by us. That ass was a twelve on a scale of ten. I want it for myself.

The woman that owned the butt was confident, beautiful, and smiling. She knew that butt was outstanding. She strolled past us, butt moving gently from side to side; heads turning as she passed. She did not need to shake it; she held it still, but the butt had a mind of its own, gently and rhythmically swaying. The back and forth motion hypnotized me. I was staring.

I asked my husband to take a picture. I wanted to admire that ass later.

In social settings, often beautiful women will sit and talk to me. My smile for them is genuine. They can spot me across the room… I admire how wonderful women look.

I’m safe. I give off vibes I am not afraid of their beauty. I won’t assume anything negative or positive about them if I don’t know them. I’m comfortable in my skin.

My butt is not small because I am not a small woman. I am 5’6 1/2,” and I weigh 170 pounds. But look at this butt:

Source: The Author

It was ok enough to attract my husband but come on; it is not magnificent.

I say all this to say: I sure wish I had that butt. I would work it for all it was worth.


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