What’s Yours Is Mine

Image by George Bond from Pixabay

Why is my spouse worried? I’ll treat his things as well as I do my own. Better, even.

I married my spouse in California. We did not have a prenuptial agreement. We were young working people living from paycheck to paycheck when we got married.

We married for love. There was no money, no nothing to worry about.

40 years later….we are retired adults with individual 401Ks and a joint checking and savings account on fixed incomes. After all these years, we are still in love. However, now we do have vigorous discussions and debates about how to spend our money.

I tell my spouse, all the time, 50% of everything you got is mine.

I guess he doesn’t realize that 50% of everything I got is his.

I’m not going to remind him. It’s a delicious secret.


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