What’s with This One Clap BS?

One and Done

Image by Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay

Ok, team. What are you trying to tell me with one clap?

I suck? You didn’t like the article? Do I need to reconsider my chosen profession as a writer?

Look. If you don’t like my writing, I understand. I admit I write about whatever strikes my fancy.

You do recognize that claps are how I get paid. You do understand that fifty claps are available for every story.

This is not a zero-sum game. Clapping more than once for me does not subtract claps from anyone else. You can give out fifty claps whenever you choose. As often as you choose.

I’m not sitting around just throwing words on a page to see what sticks. I’m a published author, damn it.

I take the time to produce the best quality writing that I can. I write, then I edit. I review that first draft, sometimes reworking the article again and again until I’m pleased with the result.

I use a spell checker and two grammar programs to enhance the readability of my articles. Most of the time, I accept the software’s suggestions, but sometimes, I don’t.

Finding the right image is key to attracting readers. I take lots of time to find a great image for the story.

Ok, I’m done. I had to get the one clap thing off my chest since it was pressing down on me.

So, thanks for listening.

I’ll write something else now.

I feel better.


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