Using Software Apps to Lose 15 Stubborn Lbs (Stuck: Part 3)

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I’m using every software and hardware tool I can find to help me lose the last 15 pounds.

I started this weight loss journey when I stood on my doctor’s scale during my yearly check-up. The medical scale read 298 pounds. 298 pounds. 2 pounds from 300. I was out of control. That 298 reading scared the shit out of me.

With my doctor, I set a weight loss goal of 160 pounds. I didn’t make it, stopping as soon as I reached 190 pounds and went on maintenance 30 pounds short of the goal.

After five years, I have decided to finish what I started. so far I have lost 50% of the last 30 pounds but the last 15 pounds are proving problematic.

I’m using technology to go after those last 15 pounds. I brought a Wi-Fi scale that automatically sends my weight to an app on my phone.

I’ve lost 0.2 pounds every day for the last three days. The scale reads 175.1 There is nothing to celebrate, I need to see 173.0 or lower (arggg) to be off my weight loss plateau. The daily chart of my weight makes my success or failure visual.

Below is the Health Mate chart of my current weight.

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Since January 2019, I have lost another 15 pounds, but I’ve hit a plateau. I won’t be satisfied until the scale reads 160 pounds. I made the 160 pound commitment years ago and have been farting around ever since.


The Withings scale reports my weight to Health Mate and the Lose It! apps. Both apps have their uses. I use both applications (I’m an Engineer, I love technology). Either one will do.

I’m using the Lose It! application to track my food each day.

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The Withings app tracks my blood pressure since I seem to make myself crazy when I’m committed to losing but not losing. My blood pressure shoots up when I’m not successful.

The Lose It! app communicates via Wi-Fi with the Withings scale and automatically records my buck-naked weight daily. The scale calculates my BMI and imports it into the Lose It! and the Health Mate apps. Both applications allow manual input of weight. My BMI chart is shown below.

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I’m using Simply Keto, a book by Suzanne Rayan. She has a web site I went to use her Keto calculator to determine my daily diet requirements. At the website, I put in my details. Age, weight, height, and goal. The website then provided the required protein, fat, and calories needed to meet my goal.


Once those goals from the KetoKarma site are input into Lose It!, the application tracks the fat, protein and calories of consumed food helping you understand how your food intake is matching or not matching your goal.


I need this barrage of daily data. Numbers don’t lie. The scale does not have a vendetta against me. It is what it is. And what it is is that I am overweight.

I’m working on it — every day. 160 pounds here I come.


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