Trying to Live a Normal Life While Dieting is BS (Stuck: Part 4)

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It’s not a good morning. Made a bad food decision, paying a painful cost today. My weight is up. Trying to live a normal life while dieting is BS.

This weekend my husband and I drove two hours to have lunch with my family. We met at Carrabba’s. I made one bad food choice.

This morning my weight is UP 1.3 pounds. Over damn night. No longer in Ketosis. I am hungry like nobody’s business. Tough day ahead.

Here is my weight chart snapshot this morning. Distressing.

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My daily variations are between 0.2 to 1.5 pounds. Up or down. I am looking for an overall downward trend despite the roller coaster nature of my weight loss. To meet my goal, I must weigh 160.0 pounds.

Back to bad decision making. I looked at the menu online before we arrived at the restaurant, so I was ready. I’m using the Keto diet to lose weight. Low carbs, high fat, high protein.

My order was:

No appetizer

Gin and tonic

Ice water

Chicken Soup

Lamb Chops

Garlic and basil fries

Grilled veggies

No dessert

For Keto, the order met the diet requirements… except for the potato fries. I did not resist the garlic fries. I did resist the much-desired ketchup on the fries.

I implemented my “only eat half of your food” diet protocol for the rest of the food.

I drank a 1/2 of the gin and tonic. Consumed 1/2 of the chicken soup.

Two of the six baby lamb chops were eaten. I consumed the entire plate of garlic fries and the grilled veggies.

I drank ice water for the rest of the meal.

I’m not in ketosis this morning because of the potatoes. Potatoes are a no, no, no, no. I knew that. No excuses.

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Tomorrow is another day.

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