There are Rumors That Attractive People Have an Easier Life. They Are All True.

There are a lot of stories about how people believe that attractive people have an easier life. As a “pretty girl,” I can tell you that is not true. There are advantages and disadvantages.

An Attractive Family

In my family, the women are attractive. We are born that way. We have lovely skin, beautiful deep brown eyes, a wonderful complexion, attractive faces with long eyelashes with a lovely smile. Our genetics produce hourglass figures. We have strong personalities as adults. When one of us walks into a room, everyone knows we are present.

It does not matter if we are fat or skinny. We still look good. None of the women in my family have trouble getting and keeping a man. Once we marry them, we can’t get rid of them. Our ex-husbands become part of our extended family forever.

My mom was especially attractive. She looked like Diana Ross with light skin. Her eyes were light brown. I loved watching her prepare to step out with my dad. She looked wonderful. She always enhanced her best features and minimized the less attractive ones.

Also, she had a good heart. She used to say ugly is as ugly does. Mom believed that you could not be a beautiful person if you were ugly on the inside. She passed that spiritual belief and need to do good to all of her children.

I Did Not Wake Up Looking This Way

How many people believe that “I woke up like this?” I didn’t. As my mom taught me, I’m enhancing my best features.

I’m working with what I got. I enhance and color my hair; I get my nails and toes painted. I cream my face. I use whitening strips on my teeth. Maybelline Great Lash is one of my favorite go-to products because it makes my long eyelashes look great. I’m not beyond having my eyelashes “enhanced” when I have time.

I choose natural looking make-up, so I look naturally beautiful.


I have great skin. My pores are tight and sweet. I don’t shave because I’m almost hairless. I lotion my skin every day. My skin is so smooth that I don’t like strangers to touch me. Once they touch me, they want to touch me again… and squeeze. This causes problems.

I read and write every day. In a single year, I’ll read at least read one hundred books. I have written every day for pleasure and a career. I keep my mind as sexy as my body. It surprises many people that I am intelligent. Many men like a smart, sexy woman. This causes problems.

I smell great. People asked me many times what perfume I am wearing when I wasn’t wearing any. Men will edge closer and closer over time eventually standing in my personal space. When I wear perfume, I use an expensive one from France that enhances my natural aroma. This causes problems.

Some have told me that my skin tastes sweet. This does not cause problems because no one gets to lick me except my spouse.

Once, I attracted two men from across the room because I was smiling. They each thought I was flirting with them. I wasn’t. My stomach was upset. I was trying not to vomit. Men will leave their dates to come across the room to help me. This causes problems.


I’m pretty inside. I give back to my community with financial support and my time. I have served on the Boards of Directors for some community organizations including Big Brother and Big Sisters, Matarah Corporation and a few Art centers.

Here is a truth you won’t like — -when I attend business meetings, I freshen my lipstick and eye makeup. I got positive results when I looked attractive.

If I need something over and above what is customary from anyone, you can bet I’m looking and smelling good. Not just for the men. For the women too. Many times, I’m given the benefit of the doubt because of how I look. This does not cause problems.

As you already suspected, I take advantage of my looks. Concealed from everyone was how hard I work at being “pretty” and the problems I have.

Enhance Yourself

Take a good hard look at yourself. Enhance the things you like about yourself. Minimize the things you don’t like. Use what you got to get what you want. Every human has something special.

Live your best life by being pretty inside and out.

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