Take Care of Your Vajayjay and Your Vajayjay Will Take Care of You

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It is amazing how many women do not know how their vagina looks, feels or smells.

“I bet you’re worried, I was worried. I was worried about vaginas. I was worried about what we think about vaginas, and even more worried that we don’t think about them.” — Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues

Many women have brought into the myth that vaginas are dirty.

Vaginas are an amazing part of a woman’s body. They are the pathway for a new life. Women receive semen through the vagina to make children. The vagina is also the portal through which a new human life emerges into the world.

Vaginas need not be hosed down daily. If a woman wants to kill her perfume, she can. Just as people use deodorant to mask the scent of their underarms, it is her choice. It is not a requirement for your vagina to be healthy.

You need to know your vagina like you know the back of your hand.

How does she look?

First, examine your vagina at a time when it is not your menstrual cycle. You are feeling healthy and strong “way down there.” There is no pain, no itching and no burning. You have not had sex in the last twenty-four hours.

Take a hand mirror into the bathroom and look at yourself. This can be easily accomplished if you sit on a toilet with no panties on. Open your legs and angle the mirror so you can see. Look at your genitals carefully.

You should be able to pick your vagina out of a crowd the same way you can pick your arm or the back of your head out in a picture. Most vaginas are she’s, but not all are. You decide on the gender of your vajayjay.

I’ll use “she” in this article since I have a “she”.

Take your phone and take a close-up of your girl. Now, enlarge and examine the picture. When you are finished, delete the picture.

What color is your vagina?

Are your inner lips as big as your outer lips?

Is the color of your girl’s outside lips the same as the surrounding flesh? Some people have a contrast in skin color around their genitals.

Do you have a blooming flower, or a cast iron pan, or a smiling kitty? You’ll see what I’m talking about when you look.

“A lot of women are ashamed of their pussies. They think it’s not pretty enough. Not the right color. Or the lips are too big or too small. Let me put your fears to rest: There is no such thing as an ugly pussy.” — Oliver Markus Malloy, Why Creeps Don’t Know They’re Creeps — What Game of Thrones can teach us about relationships and Hollywood scandals

How does she smell?

You should be able to pick out your vagina by sight. You must also know your smell. Given a stack of dirty panties (phew!), you should be able to pick your dirty panties out of the pile without hesitation.

There are two easy ways to learn your smell.

1. Sit on a clean towel without your panties and watch TV for an hour. Your aroma will transfer to the towel. Smell it.

2. Take three Q-Tips and dip them into your vagina. Smell them.

You learn your smell by repeating the sit or dip process two or three times until you recognize your smell. Just as you know when you are the person smelling up the room after perspiring, you must know the smell of your pussy.

Secondly, once you know how your vajayjay looks and smells when she has not had sex, you need to repeat the process when you have had sex. What are the differences in appearance and smell?

How does she feel?

Take your hand and cup your privates. How big is your genital area? Can your hand cover the entire area?

It doesn’t matter how big the area is, what matters is that you know how big the area is. Take a moment to press the skin around the outside of the area. There should be no pain.

Now take your finger and lightly touch yourself in various spots. Touch your inner and outer labia, your clitoris, and the outside and inside of your vagina. Don’t play with it. Take a moment to feel how soft you are. Note the amount of moisture that is normal for you. Some women are moister than others.

We are establishing a baseline for you. No one else needs to know you as you know you.

Image by Soorelis from Pixabay

How does she taste?

Now I know, all of you won’t perform this part of the process. 
No, your vaginal juices (secretions) won’t kill you or make you sick. The vaginal juices are not bad for your teeth. Pay close attention to the salt or sweetness of your vagina. Now, you have the information needed on the physical aspects of your privates.

“Vagina Hugs: Your vagina needs love and attention. This does not always have to look like rocket ship orgasms. Vaginas like to be touched and held. Sometimes, simply holding and rocking is enough. Or gentle petting either with dry hands or with lubricant. Try that when you wake up in the morning or when you’re falling asleep at night — — Pamela Madsen, 11 Tips For a Happy Vagina.

A position of knowledge

Once you have a handle on your look, smell and taste, perform a quick exam at least once a month. 
If your smell or appearance changes, it won’t take weeks before you notice; you’ll know of the change and act. When something has changed in your body’s chemistry, book a gynecology appointment to find out. You’ll be able to talk to the doctor from a position of knowledge.

As with any skin, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.” — Aly Walansky, Shiny and New! 7 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Forever Young

There are ninety-year-old women still having sex. I look forward to being one of them. I’m taking the best care that I can of my vajayjay to keep it up and working until the day I die.

If you take care of your vajayjay, your vajayjay will serve you well by remaining happy and healthy forever.


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