Stop me before I write again

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I can’t stop

With an irresistible call to my laptop

The feeling builds until I must strike the keys

My head is hurting from thinking

Every day I tell myself it is over

It’s not

I must write more

The word count is low

I won’t stop

No one can stop me

You can’t catch me

No, not yet. I’m almost there

The innocent white paper

No. I won’t spare you

I don’t care if you beg

The ink pen is for you

I can’t stop

Killing words daily

Executing paragraphs

Murdering chapters

People try to help me

Book covers. Editing.


None of it matters

I won’t stop

I’m the writer

Words can’t escape my page

Formatted against their will

It doesn’t matter

Soon they will be buried

In an ebook

Where everyone will find them

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