Self-Publishing Sweat Equity is Not the Key

In self-publishing, the banker is the writer. The person financing all activities in one way or another is the writer. The person assuming all the financial risks is the writer. The writer has three choices:

  1. Reach into their pocket and pay to have all the required done others.
  2. Do all the work themselves
  3. Perform some tasks themselves and pay others to do the rest of the work

Sweat Equity

Since I started writing my first book I ave been using as much sweat equity as possible. Once I decided to self-publish my book “NEVER A $7 Whore” (live on Amazon August 05, launch date August 08) I have been working my ass off. I have learned 5 new software programs, purchased website domains, setup websites and built landing pages. I understand the HTML language, and Amazon algorithms, all of which I had to learn. It has been a “getting a drink from a fire hose” experience.


Decide on the amount of money you can spend on self-publishing your book. Perform tasks the bring you enjoy, pay for the rest. It is important to develop a written budget for the funds you have available before you begin your self-publishing project. Track your expenses so you do not run out of money before the book is self-published. Running out of money could delay or prevent you from publishing your book…ever.


Be the general contractor. Sweat equity is not the key. Every single bit of all those other things are day that you do not write. I found myself being resentful of all the activities I needed to complete to market the book, to upload the book, to maintain the website. Writers want to write. All writers want to write however if they also want to live then they will need to make money. To make money at this tough gig (writing is a tough gig!), then the support tasks must be complete.

If you have the money, pay everyone you can.

“NEVER A $7 WHORE” is available NOW on

Originally published at on August 4, 2018.

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