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Self-Publishing Marketing. Distinguishing Yourself from the Crowd

1,216 Toni Crowes’

How many Toni Crowe’s are there? As of today, when you search for Toni Crowe in Google, there are 1,216 Toni Crowes on the internet. One thousand two hundred and sixteen.  The Toni Crowe that is me has written a book, NEVER A $7 Whore (live on Amazon on August 05, launching on August 08). I would like to attract readers to the self-published book written by this Toni Crowe, I believe I have something to add to this worlds idea but starting with just my name, how do I do that?

Same Question for All Writers

This question of distinguishing yourself from the crowd is for every writer. Every writer wants their ideas to be out in the world being discussed and being evaluated. Every writer wants people talking about their book. Some writers are after financial reward but most writers, especially those with a passion for writing, are more interested in having their ideas discussed no matter if the book is fiction or nonfiction. I luckily, discovered the problem with my name being too simple quickly. When I went to open a twitter account I found at least four other Toni Crowe’s. So, the question became how to distinguish myself even within the Twitter-verse?

A Simple Answer

It took me about a day to come up with a very simple answer. I would simply call myself Toni Crowe, The Writer. Seems obvious doesn’t it. I have been told a couple of times now by people attempting to find me that the moniker Toni Crowe, The Writer helped them locate me.  My website is My twitter account is Toni Crowe the writer. This blog is Toni Crowe, The Writer. I’m branding myself. The reason I’m branding myself is that I want to make a difference.  I’m an engineer. I’m not that friendly. It has taken significant time and effort for me to join all the social media needed to be able to market my book.


This blog post really is about marketing your book and getting your ideas out for people to consider. If you are considering self-publishing, it’s time to think about how you are going to distinguish yourself from all the other “YOUs” on the internet.


Never a $7 Whore

Available on Amazon August 5, 2018

The image has two red womens high heal shoes on a table on a black velvet cloth. Under the edges of the shoes are a two dollar and a five dollar bill
Book cover for the true life adventure of Toni Crowe. She narrowly escaped a life of prostitution. She went on to become an executive in Fortune 50 companies

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