Random Drunk Thoughts About Writing

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Writing my seventh book, drinking and thinking about the journey.

It feels good to figure out what you should be doing. I’m a writer.

I wrote my first book because I was desperate to get my ideas out in the world. I didn’t know I was that hungry.

The writing rules are that there are no rules. No one knows what will work for each writer. My system is not your system.

Your writing gets better the more you write. Write. Practice your craft.

I write about any damn thing that strikes my fancy: fiction, nonfiction, any genre, any subject. You should too.

I worked for thirty-plus years in a corporate office. I started as an Associate Engineer and ended up as a “C” Suite Vice President. I spent a great deal of my time writing. Corporate memos, reports, daily emails, performance reviews, recommendations, finance reports and on and on. Routine memos are not fulfilling writing. Don’t stay in that space for too long.

Sometimes my writing amuses me so much I laugh. Not the crazy old cat lady laughs, just a nice chuckle to myself.

Write whenever you can. I was so busy being an executive, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend; I did not understand I was treating myself badly. But I was. Treat yourself well.

Stop, and yes, smell those stupid roses. I was so busy meeting other obligations. I did not understand what I was missing when I wasn’t writing.

Thinking back… what happened? I stopped wanting to do something that had been a part of me since I could hold a fat pencil?

My mother reported that I told her stories before I could write. She voiced that once I held a pencil, I pretended to write my stories on paper. I then showed the paper to anyone who would listen.

Sometimes my writing makes me very sad. It is way cool when that happens. I have struck a nerve in my consciousness.

I have a nice desk overlooking a pond, but I write sitting in my bed with my tablet most of the time.

Find someone to discuss your writing with; I loved my little sisters and brothers because I would tell them all my stories. Since they were babies, they could not escape my little voice droning away in their tiny baby ears. Now I use my spouse as a sounding board.

It was not until I stopped working and started writing again that I recognized that, once a writer always a writer.

Having a pet helps me write.

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It amuses me to no end: I am a degreed engineer and a writer. Am I an extrovert engineer who is an introvert writer or am I an introvert engineer that is an extrovert writer? Ha!

Keep your day job until you don’t need it. There is nothing romantic about a starving artist. It is hard to write when you are hungry.

Sit around, relax, and enjoy thinking about what you will write next. Planning your next move is one of the best parts.

Many people live their entire lives and never recognize they have a fantastic undiscovered talent. Don’t be like them.

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