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Newly Graduated? Wandering Around Wondering What to Do?

“Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self-the one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs.” —Kirstin Hannah

Are you struck by how hard it is to succeed in this life? Must you make the sad choice between your passion and money?

Many new college graduates are surprised by how dull and grinding real-life can be. After devoting yourself to scooping up your college degree, working can be a super let down.

Let me introduce you to someone who can help you find your passion>

Her name is Miko Lau.

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Miko is a recent college graduate doing what she loves every day and making an impact with her unique gifts.

As a UC Berkeley graduate from 2017, Miko was challenged to figure out what to do with her life. She found herself lost, depressed, and broke as she struggled to find a career that was meaningful to her heart. She also needed to pay the bills.

She quickly found herself at a crossroads where she needed to decide between pursuing her passion for arts, traveling, and working with young people (but doesn’t make enough money) or settling for a secure, stable career that paid a good salary (but didn’t fulfill her soul).

Miko took on a research project to learn the approaches of other successful, purpose-driven people who are living the life of their dreams and building financial wealth.

The research project turned into an interview series. Miko is interviewing twenty-one other successful individuals who have built a life that they love and are now making an impact in their unique ways.

I am one of those individuals.

College to Calling: How to Rediscover Yourself, Find Your Calling, and Monetize Your Gift After College! It starts today, December 02, 2019.

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College To Calling Summit

The summit started December 02 and will continue until December 25, not including bonus speakers. One video per day will be released.

The video interviews will cover:

How to take risks during your 20s and build the life you want

How to discover who you are amid stress after college

How to quit a “practical and safe” career to follow your passion

How to break the family cycle of poverty and create generational wealth

How to quit a corporate career to pursue your passion

How to become financially free by age 30

How to navigate through your 20s with ease and clarity

How to build successful side businesses on top of a full-time job

These interviews are conversations with successful individuals who’ve pursued their hearts’ calling and are now making a difference in the world.

I am speaking at this event. Miko’s passion and sense of purpose excited me, so I joined this project as a bonus speaker. I’ll send a reminder the day before my interview. The daily interview updates will be worth your time.

The best news of all is that this is a free summit. Free!

If you can watch a few of these conversations, your sense of direction will be restored. These are real people who overcame real problems. Take the time to listen to these successful people and make your move.


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