Losing Weight is a Bitch

123 pounds Lost, Counting Down the Last 15 Pounds. (Part 10)

It Would Be So Easy to Give Up. Losing Weight is a Bitch.

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If dieting knocks you down seven times, figure it out, make a change and get up. Eight times.

My weight this morning is 175.5. Maybe, I’m off the plateau. Maybe not. I’m going with positivity.

I was stuck within two pounds from March 09 to April 22nd. It has been a long, tough slog to get back on track. There were up days and down days, all frustrating.

Over the last two weeks moving, not writing and not making my weight goals have made me a negativity blaster. I have felt bad and sad and mad at myself. Why is this so hard?

My grandmother used to say, “If they knock you down seven times, you need to get up eight.” But grandma, it is safer to stay down. Giving up is easy.

Since the last time I posted, I have been busy making changes.

I have:

Moved from my rented condo back into my home. I went to Austin, TX in 2011 to work, renting out my Palm Harbor, Florida house

Joined a YMCA

Signed up for a personal trainer

Returned to being a volunteer community organizer

(Moving discombobulates me as I am an organized hoarder. I hate to give anything away as every item has a possible future use.)

Now that I have gotten off the plateau, I need to stay off. Today I will drink water like crazy, eat right and exercise.

Tomorrow is another day.


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