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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

My first two books have won 2019 Gold Awards from Reader Favorites. Publishing the first book was really hard, the second only slightly easier.

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I am surprised and grateful. While the reviews for both books were very good, I did not consider winning any accolades. When I wrote these two books, it never occurred to me that I would be where I am now. The support I received from my readers when I was a new writer made all the difference. Thank you.

My writing has gotten better. I am knocking out 1800 to 3000 words per day. I love to write whether it is novels or articles.

The plot for my first urban fantasy book is complete. My goal is to publish the first three books in the series over nine weeks starting in January 2020, releasing a new book every three weeks.

I use Medium to express myself and to make a bit of money. Below are five Medium articles. I’m writing whatever strikes my fancy on Medium, so I’ve chosen a smattering of my favorites.

I started a publication to capture them. Here is the link:

No Air

Medium gives everyone three free articles a month unless you are a paid member. The links below are behind the paywall, so are free. Enjoy.

If you like the articles, consider joining Medium to gain access to thousands of articles about any subject. Joining is $5 monthly for unlimited reading. I never fail to get my monies worth from the site.


In November, I head to Miami to accept the Gold awards for my books. On the day I receive the award, I will give both eBooks away for free.

My books:

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