Fries to the Left of me…Fries to the Right. Trapped in the Middle with Food. (Stuck: Part 7)

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123 Pounds Lost, Counting Down the Last 15 Pounds (Part 7)

This happened yesterday morning. I’m stuck in the Houston airport, headed to Austin, TX. Air traffic control is holding planes in Houston. I should have arrived in Austin before lunch.

I’m really hungry. I had a bowl of Vietnamese soup. There are shops that sell French fries all around my gate. Bam Bam fries with fried turkey neck meat. Bang Bang fries with spiced shrimp. Pineapple fries with grilled pineapple. Smoking hot fries straight out the fryer. Four kinds of ketchup. This is torture for a potato lover.

Last time I made a bad food decision was with garlic fries. I gained for five days. No fries for me. No, no no.

Perhaps another bowl of soup?

Lifestyle changes require more than will power. A major diet change is an attitude change that also involves willpower when outside of your normal environment. Travel is fraught with food challenges. I got this. No fries today.

Tomorrow is another day


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