Free Excerpt Going Viral!

I published an excerpt from my non-fiction book, Bullets and Bosses Don’t Have Friends, on Medium yesterday. Medium curated it and sent it out.  Smart News picked it up.  The excerpt has over 1,700 clicks thus far.  The link includes an option to listen to the article.–Writers.postDistributed&sk=325c7c20f3a2ea07940934f2717bce1d

If you like the excerpt, consider buying the book by clicking on the picture below. The formats available are eBook, paperback and audio.

The book is full of more unusual stories of my time in corporate America.  If you have already read the book, consider leaving an honest review. The book is in Kindle Select, so if you are a member, it is a free read.

Enjoy the excerpt.


Watch the Book Trailer

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