Essays Written by Someone Who Has No Skin in Your Game Provide a Fresh Perspective


Medium writers have the 411. Their writing is treasure. Scoop it up.

I have been a Medium member since July 2018. Today I noticed something extraordinary.

A Resource for the Reader

I was struggling how to help a friend through a personal crisis. I went on Medium and searched for other people that have faced an issue like hers. As I was searching, it occurred to me what I was doing. I was using Medium as a resource.

Thinking back over the last seven months, I remember using Medium multiple times to assist me with tough issues.

Another View

The honest discussion and the personal vulnerability that are written daily by Medium writers is helping me deal with the inconsistencies of life.

Everyone discusses how great the Medium platform is for writers. The readers love the large variety of topics and discussions. But how many recognize that because of the large, diverse writer pool that Medium is also a reference guide to the various ways humans respond to a crisis.

Medium stories provide thought-provoking insight into problems. A different or confirming opinion written by someone who has no skin in your game provides a new view. The writer is not countering your opinion. The article is about them and their reaction to the crisis, not you and your issues. Medium writers have the 411. How cool is it to have access to that information, experience or opinion?

Keep That Input Coming

So, Medium writers keep it coming. Have you ever asked yourself who is reading and using your work?

Me, me, me. I’m reading it. I’m using it. I’m citing it to my friends, colleagues and family. Your work adds value to my life. I’m certain others are doing the same thing I am and using Medium as a resource.

Keep writing about all the craziness in everyday life. Keep providing opinions and giving advice about our wonderful human condition.

Your stories are priceless.

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