Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

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You are not too old, and it is not too late

I did not begin my writing career until I retired from my corporate career.

I worked thirty-plus years in corporate America; starting as an Associate Engineer with my electrical engineering degree from the University of Illinois in my hot little hand.

My career ended with me and as a well-respected Vice President. During my career, I once ran a six hundred-million-dollar campus with three thousand people. I loved every minute of my wonderful, stressful job because I enjoy being the one in charge. I like people, improving their lives and leading teams.

Since I early retired, the number of people who have solicited me with new corporate jobs has gone crazy. They don’t want to see me wasting my senior management stills on being a writer.

Some concerned friends and family state the obvious.

I’m starting as a writer decades after most people begin their professional writing careers. They ask:

1. Aren’t you worried that you too old?

2. Don’t I care that writing is a tough gig?

3. Will I have the physical stamina to work every day?

4. Won’t I have to learn a whole new profession where my old contacts are of little or no use?

5. Won’t my writing interfere with my “real life”?

The answers are clear.

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Aren’t you worried that you are too old?

Duh, no. I am not worried that I am too old to write. I’m not too elderly to write about the human condition, pets, people — the world, politics, or whatever else I would like to write. Writing is not like being an air traffic controller who must retire at age 50.

The life experiences I have make me a good writer. There are mistakes I have made that others may avoid after reading my writing. There are successes I enjoyed that others can enjoy without the mess I made to claim those successes. That is what being a writer is about for me.

The basic human condition has changed little over the last several thousand years. It is the same the world over. We love, live, hate, and die. Our lives are complicated. There is no pure good or evil in the world.

Our stories are infinite. I will capture those stories and tell them all over this big round globe. It excites me and makes my heart beat faster when I think of all the time I have left to do something I love.

Writing is a tough gig

Yes, writing for a living can grind you down. I see the emotional difficulties of my favorite writers. I’m not trying to be Stephen King; I’m trying to be Toni Crowe.

However tough writing may be, I will overcome the challenge with the sheer joy of being able to write whatever I want, whenever I want. Years of writing dull, structured corporate memos and reports make writing about even the most inconsequential things wonderful. I write poems and prose and fiction and non-fiction and politics, and love and hate.

I write at my desk, standing in line, in bed, in the bathroom, anywhere I want whenever I want.

Let me say it loud; writing is a tough gig. I don’t want to do anything else.

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Will I have the physical stamina to write every day?

I write every day. Physical stamina is not my problem.

I am not that version of an old bent over white-haired toothless lady meandering down the street with a cane in her hand. I am not putting down a bowl of milk for the cat who died five years ago. Nope.

I’m that version in the leopard skin tight exercise outfit in the Zumba class. Laughing loudly and loving life. Big wide, bright white smile with blond streaks in my hair. I use white strips on my teeth. I move quickly and gracefully. Life and I are great friends.

I’m in good health. I took the best care of myself the best I could. Yearly physicals, great medical care, exercise, fresh fruits, and veggies have kept me healthy.

Have I had health problems? Almost everyone does. I had three eye operations (in the last two years: two corneal replacements and one cataract operation, still have one cataract operation left to go).

I had one hell of a back operation; took me down for sixteen weeks. Although I’m still not recovered fully, I’m recovered enough.

I’m a blessed person. Despite the operation on my back, my back is stronger. I did not dig ditches or carrying bundles of roofing shingles up a ladder for a living.

I fell off the health wagon a few times, but most of the time I worked hard to keep this body well. My birth mom and dad both died in their early fifties. If that doesn’t scare a person to act to preserve their health, I don’t know what will.

I struggle with my weight more as I get older. I will lose a few battles. (My weakness is fresh cold sweet melon).

I have what it takes to step it up having worked for years meeting goals and objectives for companies. Those organizational skills and determination are being applied it to my writing.

Won’t I have to learn a profession where all my old contacts are no good?

I didn’t know a single writer when I started writing. Not. A. Single. One.

All my personal and business contacts were in the corporate community. None were in the writing community. Anyone starting a new position must make the same adjustments I did.

The writing community is very supportive of new writers. There are thousands of places to seek advice and help. There are online and in person, courses to teach you every aspect of writing.

Writing Courses are available anywhere from zero dollars up to eight thousand dollars. Every successful author needs advice. Social media has author communities. Pick your poison — Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc.

Anyone starting new must research the different writing systems they would like to pursue and determine who to follow, if anyone.

The research was exhausting, but worth it, to find other writers of a like mind. I’m a member of four writing communities that welcomed me wholeheartedly. Now, after seven months, there are writers count on to help me when I have questions. They can count on me to help them.

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Won’t my writing interfere with my “real life”?

Writing is my real life now. My focus is on getting my ideas out into the world. Writing is my job.

Daily routines have been incorporated into my writing as part of my basic existence. My family and friends have adjusted to the fact I am a writer. I write for a living. That is what I do.

When we discuss our family activities, just as we did when I worked in corporate, we take into consideration my writing activities and deadlines.

This is My Final Answer

I’m not too old, and it is not too late for me. You not too old and it is not too late for you.

Don’t let others view of the world affect your direction.

Age ain’t nothing but a number.

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