2018 Writing Goals – Yes, we Can!

It is the end of the year and like most people, I am racing to meet my 2018 goals before I commit to my 2019 goals. This blog is short because I must keep working on my books.

When I joined SPS (Self-Publishing School) in June of this year, I committed to writing six good books before year-end. I have not met that goal… yet. Four books have been published. Two have won Readers Choice 5-star awards. Book number five is finished and published. Book number 6 is published but I’m not happy with it yet so continue to work on it. Both books were available on Amazon yesterday.

Book 5: From Zero to Family Hero, Supercharge Your Finances With A College Degree

Book 5 has stealth published. That means I’m not marketing it except on my own social media and to my friends and family until January 15th. Being this close after Christmas, I am making arrangements so family and friends can but the book.

On January 01, and only on January 01, my newest book will be $0.99.

Although I have two new book releases, I’m focusing on “From Zero to Family Hero, Supercharge Your Finances with A College Degree.” Like all of my memoirs, the book is a collection of short stories about the challenges I faced returning to college. At times it is witty, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. It has some of my best writing.

Again, “From Zero to Hero” will be .99 cents on 01 January only. I’m not marketing it for .99. The .99 is for my friends and family (and people who read my stuff, their families and friends.)~

2018 Writing Goals Are Almost Met

Almost only counts in horseshoes. It would feel really good to meet my 2018 writing goals. Establishing my author platform has been tough challenge. I’m not going to give up until 11:59 on December 31st.

The books are well written, but I need them to be outstanding.

Book 6 “What Happened To Baby?”

We’ll discuss book 6 tomorrow. I’m working it out. It would be wonderful to meet my goals for this year regarding writing. I will not write any old sort of book to meet a goal. I set write six good books as my goal. We shall see.

Stay Focused

In the meantime, if you, like me, are still working on your 2018 goals, stay focused. We can do it. We CAN do it.

Yes, we can.

Toni Crowe

She is an award-winning and accomplished executive with 30 years of experience as a CEO/President, Vice-President, Director, Engineer, and Manager across multiple sectors including high tech, consumer and nuclear sensors, Aerospace, film production and glass.

Toni has extensive experience in P&L, Manufacturing, Operations Management, and Lean. She has participated in a number of mergers and acquisitions.

Toni is currently the CEO of Just One, her company which is dedicated to changing lives, one life at a time, by ensuring that no one has to make the same mistakes she made.


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